What is Barra Culture?

Barrow has recently been given money to work with Barrovians to make creative things happen. Exactly what these things are is completely up to them!

I live in the Barrow area – how can I get involved?

Go on Facebook or Twitter and tell us what you think! Or you can email us at: info@barraculture.org.uk

I’m a potential funder or project partner – how can I find out more?

Email the director, Daniel Tyler-McTighe at: daniel@barraculture.org.uk

Are you based in Barrow Borough and would like to have a go at something creative?

How Barra Culture can support you:

  • We will connect you with one of our team who can offer advice on how to get your project started, connect you with other local community groups, organisations, creatives and artists and help to promote your project and activity to engage others in your area, where relevant.
  • We can provide small amounts of cash (up to £500) to help you to try something new or test out a new project idea with your local community. Your contact in our team can help you to access this support.
Download your idea form here