Katherine Parkinson

Head of Performing Arts, Chetwynde School

I am Head of Performing Arts at Chetwynde School and have been a qualified teacher for 10 years. Before moving back to Barrow I worked as an entertainer for several holiday companies and enjoyed seeing the world on cruise ships.

Tori Davis


I spent a decade working in Birmingham, where I directed the Multilingual Performance Project for the University of Oxford, produced for learning disabled theatre company Open Theatre, and worked on a series of short films about the Shakespeare collection at the Library of Birmingham.

Josh Duncan (JD)


Barrow raised, local rapper – JD. I am an active musician keen to see positive improvements happen in our town. I have a BA(hons) in Outdoor Leadership and I’m experienced in youth development and event management.

James Carling


I am a multi-Instrumentalist record producer who has worked with several artists around the Barrow area, as well as self-recording and releasing my own music, which have been played on BBC Radio 1 and billed in festivals such as Kendal Calling.

Beth Kirkby

Corporate Responsibility Advisor

A dyed in the wool Barrovian with a passion for my home town and the people in it. I’m a Corporate Responsibility Advisor by day and Sensible Yoga Teacher and climbing wall enthusiast by night, born and raised on Walney Island.

Therese Assouad

Retired Teacher, Youth Worker

I was fortunate to grow up in a musical family where my mother was a professional singer. I worked as a teacher for 20 years and a youth worker. I hope to use this role to contribute to our Borough’s cultural experiences.

Rachel Ashton

Artistic Director, Theatre Factory

I am Artistic Director of Theatre Factory. I was an actor in my 20’s and have been a director and facilitator since 1987. I raise money, develop the company’s programmes, manage creative teams and do my best to nurture people’s ideas.

Danielle Chappell-Aspinwall

Community Connector

I’m a socially-engaged artist who explores being neurodivergent as something that positively influences my art practice. I will be working on creative projects with local families as part of the programme.

Colin Garnett

BID Manager

I currently work as Barrow’s Business Improvement District (BID) Manager. As a proud Barrovian with 4 children and a grandchild I would like to promote more opportunities for young people and utilise arts and culture to create a better Barrow for future generations.

Daniel Tyler-McTighe


I spent a decade working in Birmingham, where I directed the Multilingual Performance Project for the University of Oxford, produced for learning disabled theatre company Open Theatre, and worked on a series of short films about the Shakespeare collection at the Library of Birmingham.

Josh Spedding (SWERVE)

Music Artist, Producer

I am an independent Music Artist, Events Manager and Entrepreneur. I have worked within the music industry for the last 6 years developing the brands ‘SWERVE’ and ‘Elements Events’. My motivation is to enrich the community through music and collaboration.

Kieran McDonnell

Community Connector

I’m the founder of Barrow skateboard collective, and a skateboarder myself. I’m experienced in working with local young men and women in the town. When I’m not working or skateboarding I’m out adventuring with my family.

Marissa Crane

Community Connector

I’m an artist from Kendal whose special interests include animals, aerial arts and vintage fashion.

Karl Steel

Journalist, PR Writer

Hi, I’m Karl – I’m from Barrow and I’ve been a journalist and PR writer here for more than a decade. I used to work for the local paper, covering arts, food and drink, but my real passion is live music.

Becky Hearfield


Yorkshire tea, musty bookshops, public libraries, everything Kate Bush, and novelty stationery are among my favourite things. I’m trying to learn the ukulele and am keen to help people in Barrow get as much out of the programme as possible.

Sarah Cubiss

Delivery Manager, Brathay Trust

I am the delivery manager for Brathay Trust in Barrow. Prior to this I was a Walney primary school teacher for 23 years. I have lived in Barrow all of my life and I am proud to say I come from Barrow.

Kerry Kolbe

Co-director, Signal Film & Media

I am a co-director of Barrow arts charity Signal Film & Media, supporting people from across the community to take part in film and digital arts workshops, events and exhibitions. I am also a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter for film, games and TV.

Jonny Williams

Manager, CandoFM

Most people know me as the manager of CandoFM Community Radio Station. My musical past has included piano, guitar and percussion in brass bands and orchestras. I have had stints as a vocal performer, DJ and music producer.

Shaun Blezard

Arts, Culture and Leisure, Barrow Borough Council

I am lead member for Arts, Culture and Leisure on Barrow Borough Council and have been a freelance musician and community artist for over 20 years. I have been involved in the local arts and culture scene since the mid 80s.


Barrow Autistic Community

Hello. I’m an autistic individual living on the Golden Isle of Walney. As part of the Barrow Autistic Community, I will bring diverse creativity back to thriving Barra Culture projects.

Iwona Suwala

Published Poet

I was born and raised in Poland and have lived in Barrow in Furness since 2005. In 2015 my first book of poetry was published in Poland. I also work in a car garage helping to run a family business.

Lina Harb Tyson

Interpretor, Translator

I am an interpreter, translator and ESL tutor with a background in management, human resources and law. Being a language and culture ‘broker,’ I am interested in facilitating cultural integration and social relationships that promote knowledge sharing and meaningful activities.

Mark Curwen

Sport Furness Contributor

I am 47 and have lived in Barrow all my life. A keen supporter of live events in the town especially music and comedy, I’m also part of the Sport Furness team and on the committee of the Keswick to Barrow.

Amy Stretch-Parker

Community Connector

I’m no stranger to the world of creativity, having lived in Barrow all my life. I’ve taken part in many a musical and dance show playing the piano, and worked with young and vulnerable people in the area for many years.

Maddi Nicholson

Founder Director, Art Gene

I live on Walney and am an artist and Founder Director of Art Gene, in Barrow, creating arts projects around the social, natural and built environment.

David T. Ogunremi

Social Architect and Designer

I am a social architect, an urbanist and architectural designer, an audiophile, particularly a lover of jazz, afro-beat and other genres. I am Nigerian and Pan-African but I view myself a citizen of the world. Forever young!

Ron Creer

Retired English Teacher

I retired after 43 years as an English teacher, then taught a range of adult education courses until 2016. I live in Dalton and fight for the verbal arts in organisations where music or visual arts tend to dominate.


Youth Councillor

I’m a confidant outspoken young person who cares about the local environment and will do everything I can to help raise awareness. I enjoy performing arts and other creative activities, and have been a youth councillor for several years.

Glenn Boulter

Director, Full of Noises

I’m a director of sound art and music company Full of Noises, based in the old park keeper’s house in Barrow Park. I was first introduced to Barrow during an artist residency with Barrow AFC in 2007 and have stuck around ever since!

Martin Craig

Local Theatre Actor

Barrow born and bred, I’ve been involved with local theatre groups for over forty five years. During this time I’ve been a part of over 150 local productions, and am lucky enough to have been involved in some memorable town events.

Ellis Heywood

Member of Youth Parliment

I’m MYP for Barrow and the South lakes, I am 15 years old and go to St. Bernard’s school in Barrow. My one goal for this board is to be able to have young voices heard and make a difference in our community!

Karen Baxter

Song Therapist

I have a degree in English and Drama, and spent 33 years in mainstream and special education. I am now studying song therapy and combining this with Makaton signing. I enjoy singing, playing the guitar and photography.


Self-taught artist

I am an American citizen residing in Barrow with my husband and young daughter. I have years of experience of being a ‘self-taught’ artist, as I enjoy drawing, mixed media, and some forms of painting.

Molly Field

Community Connector

I’m a recent theatre graduate and qualified teacher from Walney who, inspired by my own experiences, has a particular interest in promoting and creating art with Barrow’s disabled residents.

Helen Bartosinski

Marketing Manager

I grew up in Furness where I played flute and piano for local am drams. I love walking in the dunes and swimming in the sea around the beautiful peninsula. I’ve been working in the arts for 15 years and love meeting new people.