Barra Culture has been developed and is led by a consortium of Barrow-based organisations who will provide strategic oversight with Women’s Community Matters as Lead Partner and accountable body. The Consortium is made up of Brathay Trust, Barrow Borough Council, Cumbria County Council Libraries and Archives and Barrow Arts Group, comprising of Art Gene, Theatre Factory, Full of Noises and Signal Film & Media.

Who we are

Daniel Tyler-McTighe

I’ve spent over two decades working in the performing arts, including leading the Multilingual Performance Project for the University of Oxford, touring theatre to Spain, China, Poland and Korea, working for Open Theatre and Birmingham REP Theatre, and making short films about Shakespeare and Cluedo!

Becky Hearfield

As a student, I studied Sociology and English Literature, with a focus on modern and contemporary literature and culture in my final year. My job is to help make more creative things happen with and for the people of the Borough of Barrow.

Marisa Crane

Creative Communities Connector
A mixed-media artist, I graduated from the Ruskin School of Art in 2018. I’m the Co-Producer of Folded zine, and have a background in costume and set design for theatre, museum collections management, and yoga.  My other special interests include animals, aerial arts, and vintage fashion!

Danielle Chappell-Aspinwall

In-House Artist 2021-22
I’m a socially-engaged artist who explores being neurodivergent as something that positively influences my art practice. I will be working on creative projects with local families as part of the programme.

Lolli Fallon


I have worked within the arts for the last 15 years and I am particularly interested in outdoor arts, site-specific work, and work with young people. My roles have varied from national theatre tours, festivals and events, and managing a regional theatres’ learning and participation programme.

Claire Williams


Info about Claire coming soon!

Kieran McDonnell

Creative Communities Connector
I’m the founder of Barrow skateboard collective, and a skateboarder myself. I’m experienced in working with local young men and women in the town. When I’m not working or skateboarding I’m out adventuring with my family.

Helen Bartosinski

Communications and Marketing Manager
I grew up in Furness where I played flute and piano for local am drams. I love walking in the dunes and swimming in the sea around the beautiful peninsula. I’ve been working in the arts for 15 years and love meeting new people.

Tori Davis

In-House Artist
I am an animation art director and concept artist, with over a decade of experience working in film, TV, commercials and video games around the world.

I love long walks with my dogs, discovering new places and soaking up the beautiful scenery around us. 

Connor Alexander

Creative Communities Assistant

I’m a huge eSports & video game enthusiast, who livestreams & creates Youtube content in my spare time. Being a part of Barra Culture, I wish to share my love for the creative side of gaming culture.

Advisors 2021-22

From councillors and teachers to musicians and artists, our advisors are a cross section of Barrows most enthusiastic supporters!
Karen Baxter

Song Therapist

I have a degree in English and Drama, and spent 33 years in mainstream and special education. I am now studying song therapy and combining this with Makaton signing. I enjoy singing, playing the guitar and photography.

Josh Spedding (SWERVE)

Music Artist, Producer

I am an independent Music Artist, Events Manager and Entrepreneur. I have worked within the music industry for the last 6 years developing the brands ‘SWERVE’ and ‘Elements Events’. My motivation is to enrich the community through music and collaboration.

Ellis Heywood

Member of Youth Parliment

I’m MYP for Barrow and the South lakes, I am 15 years old and go to St. Bernard’s school in Barrow. My one goal for this board is to be able to have young voices heard and make a difference in our community!

BC Consortium

The Barra Culture Consortium – a collective of our finest organisations and supporters with Barrows best interest at heart.

Delivery Partners


Either get in touch to discuss with us (scroll to the bottom of the page) or wait for the next Boosting Barrow’s Creativity callout and apply.

Tell them to just get in touch! We want to link up with as many people as possible.

From The Arts Council of England, who get it from the Government and the National Lottery. We also have local sponsors who fund certain projects, and partners who support us in-kind.

Fees for artists, photographers, facilitators, workshop leaders. Licences, in-house staff, physical resources and marketing. Periodically we release fuller information through press channels for those who want the nuts and bolts!

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